"The Arabian Horse Club of El Paso" is a Non-Profit organization and has been in
existence for over 30 years. The Club strives to promote the beauty, sensitivity and
versatility of the Arabian Horse Breed. Not only do we promote the Arabian Horse, but we
also encourage enthusiasts of other horse breeds to participate in our activities, including
our “All Breed Horse Shows”. The club operates by sponsorships and support that help
fund the activities and give the horse enthusiast a place to participate in the equine sport.
What We Do:
Our organization puts on 4 "All Breed Horse Shows" per year. We also issue bi-monthly
newsletters and have bi-monthly meetings with speakers. Clinics and rides are posted and any
other horse related functions. We have an end of the year get together also.
Arabians at a glance

        Oldest pure breed of horse in the world

        Foundation horse whose blood is found in nearly every light horse breed known today

        Refined and beautiful physical appearance called “Arabian type” that stems from its
“jibbah,” a bulge between the eyes that gives the breed a dished or concave face; large, dark,
expressive eyes set wide apart; arched neck with clean throat latch; high tail carriage; light,
elegant way of moving. Average weight is 1,000 pounds and height is between 14.2 and 15.2
hands (one hand = 4 inches) at the withers. Intelligent, easy to train, enjoys human

        Comes in four colors: bay, grey, chestnut and black

        Excels at endurance racing because of: shorter, stronger back that allows it to carry
substantial weight in comfort; large nostrils and trachea for increased air intake; dense,
compact bone; and lighter muscling that dissipates heat and lactic acid more readily. Top
racers complete 100-mile races in less than 10 hours. The American Endurance Ride
Conference, the official governing body for the sport in North America, estimates that well over
75 percent of their members ride only Arabian horses.

        Innate ability to bond with humans as a result of centuries of breeding for a horse that
was both courageous in battle yet gentle enough to share the family tent.